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[Trial Class] Exam Preparation
In this course, students can learn how to use the Safe Exam Browser(SEB) and Panopto in doing quizzes. This course aims to prepare students for exams with proctoring features. Feel free to enroll yourself in this course.
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Christian Religion
Christian Religion Education learns about Bibliology and Canon in the safety history rubric with main concern on two themes: Kingdom and Covenant. Focus on God’s purpose on creation, fall, promised salvation plan and it’s fulfilment in the history of Israel. Also, the way the Old Testament sees the fulfilment of God’s promises in the New Testament.
Open Course
This course will guide students through the entrepreneurial process, review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship along with the skills necessary for a successful venture. Students will also explore their decisions and their goals, and determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives.
Open Course
Business Technology 4.0
Business Technology 4.0 presents a variety of business studies, especially technology business which is heavily influenced by the development of the Internet and other disruptive technologies. Students are expected to develop intuition in looking at the development of technology applications and see the opportunities and pitfalls from business and economic perspectives.
Open Course

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Student Stories

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Kenneth Girvan

Kenneth Girvan

Psychology UPH 2019 
Studying psychology at UPH cultivates my integrative mindset, enabling me to deeply understand people and seamlessly integrate my faith into the field, thus empowering impactful psychology practice.
Nova Maria

Nova Maria

Accounting UPH 2019

Studying at UPH Accounting has made me a more conscientious person, developing in mindset and creativity.

Jonathan Suciono

Jonathan Suciono Purnomo

Biotechnology UPH 2018

Biotechnology offers a wide range of research topics for me to choose, which is great in helping me discover my passion.

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